Abortion In Obamacare


Names of Insurance Carriers and Their Elective-Abortion Coverage:

1.  SilverSummit Healthplan, Inc. (20): Plans do not cover elective abortion (2022 plan documents).

2.  Health Plan of Nevada Inc. (15): Plans do not cover elective abortion (2022 plan documents).

3. Anthem Health (12): Plans do not cover elective abortion (2022 plan documents).

4. Friday Health Plans of Nevada, Inc. (31): Plans do not cover elective abortion (Confirmed via phone with a Friday Health representative).

5. SelectHealth Insurance (8): Plans do not cover elective abortion (2022 plan documents)

6. *Aetna CVS Health (5): Plans do not cover elective abortion (2022 plan documents)

7. *Ambetter from Silver Summit (22): Plans do not cover elective abortion (2022 plan documents) 

Summary: For 2022, there are 93 Individual and Family plans being offered by 7 health insurance carriers on the Nevada exchange, up from 53 plans offered by 5 carriers in 2021. Nevada continues to use a state-based enrollment platform for 2022 after switching from www.healthcare.gov in 2020. Two new carriers, Aetna CVS Health and Ambetter from Silver Summit entered the market for this enrollment period. 

For 2022, a majority of plans exclude elective abortion, while 9 plans are currently unclear on abortion coverage in their respective plan documents. Friday Health Plans of Nevada’s Summary of Benefits and Coverage documents are not in compliance with federal regulations requiring this document to state whether elective abortion is covered or excluded. While the plans’ Evidence of Coverage documents list “elective abortion” under the Limitations and Exclusions, the drug formularies include Mifeprex as a Tier 3 drug along with a description of its usage as an abortion-inducing drug for a chemical abortion. We will update this page as we receive more information.

For every year since the first open enrollment in November 2014 through 2020, none of the Individual and Family plans offered on the Nevada exchange covered elective abortion.

While none of the plans in Nevada cover elective abortion, please bear in mind that taxpayers in your state are still paying federal taxes that are used to pay for coverage that includes elective abortion in other states. For example, an estimated 1.25 million Californians received federal taxpayer subsidies in 2014 and 96% of plans sold in California included abortion on demand. Between 2015 and 2024 an estimated $855 billion in federal subsidies will be used in every state to pay for Obamacare health plans, many of which include elective abortion.


Exchange is part of the Federally-Facilitated Marketplace (F) or State-Run (S): S

Website: https://www.nevadahealthlink.com

State Exchange Elective Abortion Opt-Out: No

Number of 2022 Insurance Carriers: 7

  • Total Number of Plans: 93
  • Number of Plans that Cover Elective Abortion: 0
  • Number of Plans that Do Not Cover Elective Abortion: 93
  • Number of Plans with Unknown Coverage: 0


Red= Covers elective abortion

Orange= Some plans cover elective abortion/Unknown

Green= Does not cover elective abortion

*Bold denotes that this Insurance Carrier is new to the 2022 Marketplace 



General news regarding abortion coverage in Obamacare can be found here.  

Healthinsurance.org: Nevada health insurance marketplace: history and news of the state’s exchange (August 25, 2021)