Abortion In Obamacare


Names of Insurance Carriers and Their Elective-Abortion Coverage:

1.  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois (12): No plans cover elective abortion (2019 plan documents).

2.  Celtic Insurance Company (9):No plans cover elective abortion (2019 plan documents).

3.  Cigna Healthcare of Illinois Inc. (6): No plans cover elective abortion (2019 plan documents).

4. Health Alliance Medical Plans Inc. (32): No plans cover elective abortion (2019 plan documents).

5. *Gundersen Health Plan Inc. (12):No plans cover elective abortion (2019 plan documents).

Summary: There are a total of 5 insurance carriers being offered on the Illinois exchange for 2019. Highmark was the only carrier to leave the marketplace and Gundersen joined for 2019. Health Alliance dropped half of their plans. None of the 71 Individual and Family plans offered on the Illinois exchange in 2019 cover elective abortion.

There were a total of 5 insurance carriers being offered on the Illinois exchange in 2018.  Highmark was new to the Illinois marketplace in 2018 while Humana was the only insurance carrier to leave the Illinois marketplace. In 2017, all 61 plans did not cover elective abortion. In 2018, all 94 plans did not cover elective abortion, a 33 plan increase in insurance options.

In 2018, Health Alliance did not provide information about their abortion coverage policy on their 2018 Summary of Benefits and Coverage documents, making it not in compliance with Obamacare regulations. In 2019, however, Health Alliance improved their Summary of Benefits and Coverage plan documents, clearly stating that their plans do not cover elective abortion.

While none of the plans in Illinois cover elective abortion, please bear in mind that taxpayers in your state are still paying federal taxes that are used to pay for coverage that includes elective abortion in other states. For example, an estimated 1.25 million Californians received federal taxpayer subsidies in 2014 and 96% of plans sold in California included abortion on demand. Between 2015 and 2024 an estimated $855 billion in federal subsidies will be used in every state to pay for Obamacare health plans, many of which include elective abortion.


Exchange is part of the Federally-Facilitated Marketplace (F) or State-Run (S): F

Website: www.healthcare.gov

State Exchange Elective Abortion Opt-Out: No

Number of 2019 Insurance Carriers: 5

  • Total Number of Plans: 71
  • Number of Plans that Cover Elective Abortion:0
  • Number of Plans that Do Not Cover Elective Abortion: 71
  • Number of Plans with Unknown Coverage: 0

State Has Multi-State Plans (MSPs): No

If yes, Number of MSPs: N/A

MSPs That Don’t Cover Elective Abortion: N/A


Red= Covers elective abortion

Orange= Some plans cover elective abortion/Unknown

Green= Does not cover elective abortion

*Bold denotes that this Insurance Carrier is new to the 2019 Marketplace



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